QHSE & OHSAS Management Approach


  • The AL-Tech Prime group has incorporated QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) and OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety Management System) into its management to improve the quality of not only work but also the work environment to ensure the safety of our human resource. At APG, we are determined to provide our workers with an accident free atmosphere, which encourages them to give their best at work ensuring the highest quality of work.
  • We believe the philosophy of doing the thing right, and at the same time doing the right thing resonates with us.
  • AL-Tech Prime Group boasts an integrated QHSE management centered on some of the ISO STANDARDS.
  • AL-Tech Prime’s dedicated management team has incorporated the QHSE system through some of the following practices and customs with welcome observations and suggestions from all of the stakeholders of the company:
  • Hazard Management
  • Monitoring and Correction
  • Communication
  • HR Training & Development
  • Conformance of Regulations
  • Review & Audit
  • Constant Vigilance

Quality Assurance

  • Quality is the way of life at AL-Tech Prime. We adhere to a very strict set of rules of quality when it comes to resource management, production, services, commitment and working environment. The trust that is vested in us by our clients stems from our consistent adherence to quality standards. The AL-Tech Prime’s management employs the most effective Quality Management System, which requires a deep understanding of the following elements:
  • Customer requirement
  • Resource build up for customer requirement
  • Product utilization
  • Analysis of the final product


  • Development thrives on quality at APG.
  • AL-Tech Prime Group management team has rich experience and a proven track record of delivering projects exceeding customers’ expectations. We have access to state of the art resources to exceed our customers’ expectations in catering to their needs and requirements. AL-Tech Prime Groups integrated management system claims the ISO 9001:2008 certifications that assure Zero Defect


Health and Safety

Our people are in all aspects our most important resource for success.

Health concerns are dealt with very seriously at AL-Tech Prime. We are offering our workforce a number of health benefits and health plans in addition to the imposition of strict regulations regarding health and safety within the organization. APG provides various health support programs in order to respond to emerging health issues in a timely and effective manner.


Our risk reduction principles:

  • Comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations
  • Initiate guidance and implement best practice, even when not required by law
  • Foster a culture where everyone identifies and manages risks
  • Recognize that no task is important enough to be performed if health or safety is at risk
  • Operate facilities and equipment to eliminate unacceptable health and safety risks
  • Provide a workplace free of recognized hazards that are likely to cause injury or illness
  • Enhance awareness of safety programs and policies and provide safety support and training
  • Consider safety performance objectives in employee and contractor evaluations, rewards and recognition
  • Continually strive to achieve a healthier and safer workplace
  • Monitor and audit compliance


Dengue Control Program

Dengue fever has become quite a threat in Pakistan over the last couple of years leaving numerous victims in its wake. It is a potentially lethal disease.

APG management is tackling this health issue through the following techniques:

  • Spreading awareness of the disease
  • Distributing literature within the organization on how to avoid the fever
  • Providing the resources for CBC testing of any potential dengue victims

Environment and Climate

A clear environmental profile and good environmental performance are required for a sustainable operation.

The Company has established a technical training institute in Lahore, Pakistan for the trai

ning of skilled and semi-skilled work force to meet the ever-increasing standards of safety and hygiene and environmental concerns in addition to jobs skills as demanded in today’s fast moving and dynamic corporate world. We respect the maxim ‘Success is no accident’ and therefore we take the utmost care to ensure the safety of our workers and the environment. Each worker is led to believe that safety is a job requirement whether onsite or in the office.              Our workers are our capital. They are the backbone of what we do and we value human life more than anything else, which is why our products and services meet the strictest standards of quality as well as safety existing anywhere in the world.

  • APG’s management mainly focuses on the following:

Our Environmental Goals

  • No Accidents
  • No harm to people
  • No destruction of the environment
  • Stick to the emission norms
  • No pollution of air and water resources
  • Keep development and environmental protection side-by-side
  • Training and education of people for environmental awareness

QHSE & OHSAS Compliance

  • Following are some of the ways we are addressing our OHSAS issues:
  • Sticking to the emission norms
  • Assessing the environmental impact before starting a new project
  • Holding pre-project safety and environmental concerns meetings with project team
  • Encouraging ongoing process of communication and consultation
  • Employing a proactive approach

Performance measuring